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Frustrated Loved One

My wife is very frustrated by her stagnation.

This past weekend, we listened intently to Dr. Stephen Phinney, one of the foremost “authorities” on low-carb ketogenic diets in the world, as he discussed stalls and issues with ketogenic diets. We hoped he’d have some nugget of truth, some tiny insight we’d not seen or heard elsewhere, which might clue us into a direction for my beloved one. She’s tried so hard, been so patient, and the weight refuses to come off.

We got a lot of platitudes and heard Dr. Phinney say more than once “Just be happy you’ve gotten as far as you have.”

We’re beyond shocked at how inappropriate it is to say that to someone, and how disappointed we are in what we heard goes beyond words.

Nevertheless we forge on. She’ll experiment with her protein, I’m sure, but her one try at that seemed disastrous. Time will show, I suppose.

As for me, I continue down this path, and I’ve recovered the pound I gained yesterday (back to 255.2lbs). But now we’re both concerned we’re not getting enough protein and are suffering lean tissue loss. *Sigh*

I suppose there will be no peace for us. Not in this area, at least.


One thought on “Frustrated Loved One

  1. the potato wife says:

    I can so readily identify with your wife’s frustrations. I went through a year and a half with no loss and only recycling the same regained pounds. I would not lose even when 100% on my keto plan for months.

    Well, I bet it will be good for her to know she’s not the only one. She just can’t figure out where to go next, what to adjust. She actually ate a super low-calorie low-carb day and GAINED a pound for her trouble (it wasn’t deliberate). So she’s not sure what to do, and we hoped Phinney would have some answers on the podcast. Alas, nothing doing. 😦

    I really wish she would blog, I bet she would get some support from others who have experienced the same thing and maybe be able to share what they are successful with. I know I sure haven’t found the answer yet.

    She reads this one, so she may see this and start one about her weight loss struggles.

    I think you have found yours…..FANTASTIC!

    I hope so. But today — I’m UP half a pound. Tomorrow will tell the tale better, I think. 🙂 Thanks!

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