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Getting There

Another 1.4lb drop today. This after a slight increase in protein yesterday. I guess I’ll keep raising it and hold my fat constant until I find the place where my weight starts to stall out or goes up. Right now, I’m moving toward the 70-80g/day range.

Meanwhile, it feels like every time I record my weight and have success with weight loss, I’m somehow taunting my wife, who continues to struggle mightily and is frustrated. I’m so sorry, love, I’m praying for you and feel your pain. This isn’t flaunting, I’m only recording.

So now, at 253.8lbs and dropping…I hope.


2 thoughts on “Getting There

  1. the potato wife says:

    It is a good thing to be sensitive to your wife’s frustrations. I had so many issues with my own husband, who ate junk in front of me when he was obese and i was dieting, (of which I could not escape or walk away from as we lived in a truck) and then while I stalled out and became so frustrated while working to support us both while he stayed home and decided to go on a diet, lost over 100 pounds in 8 months like it was nothing. I still get lectures on what he thinks is the right course of action and I am the one doing the research!

    I can’t help but be sensitive to it. She’s worked so hard, and been so diligent, and she supports me in EVERYTHING I do. I can’t turn my back to her as I’m having success while she’s doing everything right and can’t seem to lose an ounce. It breaks my heart for her.

    Sometimes reading about how your husband is reminds me of times when I was so self-centered, so selfish… and I wonder, is he simply unaware? or is it more that I’m only getting a tiny snapshot of what’s going on in your lives and so it seems worse than it is. But I hope he’ll soon discover how best to support you and get through it all together. It’s so much easier together.

    Anyways….glad to hear of the kind heart towards her frustrations. I made it through my first day yesterday only to have my husband give me a chocolate bar for evening coffee! I told him I was counting again, but he “forgot”.

    I’m so glad the first day went well for you. And just because he brings the chocolate doesn’t mean you have to eat it. 😉 We’re rooting for you! We’re here if you need us!

  2. It’s not taunting Love, I know that. Every victory in this battle deserves to be cheered. 🙂 I’ll have my moments too at some point.

    I know you will. I just I had the silver bullet to slay that werewolf for you is all. I know it’s hard to watch everyone around you having victory.

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