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Continuing On

I got back into my groove a bit here. I adjusted my numbers back to the “sweet spot” for me, and the weight plummeted again. This time, 1.4lbs to take me to a new low of 251.8lbs.

Of course, any weight loss now will be a new low, so I should stop noting that from here on out until I get below my “prime” adult weight of 143lbs. If I can get to somewhere in that neighborhood and drop body fat (which would necessarily mean gaining lean muscle mass), I should be where I want to get with my body. I’m shooting for below 10% (yes, single digits) in my body fat percentage and whatever my weight is at that point will be … well, pointless. I won’t care what the final number is.

I also have the vision of what I want to look like in my head, but I guess I can throw that out the window. As wonderful as ketogenic dieting is, it can’t add any inches to my height.

As long as it’s subtracting inches from my waist, I’m all good. 🙂


One thought on “Continuing On

  1. Beauteous goal! Keep it up. 🙂 I wish you the best of luck. You have a great way of looking at your goal… the only problem that usually I experience is to KEEP thinking it! Best wishes.

    Thank you so much, kalikula! I really appreciate that!

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