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Finally, a Chance to Blog Again

I’ve come down UNDER 250lbs for the first time in… well, honestly, I have no idea how long I’ve been over 250. I didn’t know I was that fat until I got weighed at the orthopedic surgeon’s office back in February.

I’ve lost more than 20lbs since then, but that’s only a tiny fraction of what I need to lose. I’m still more than 100lbs overweight for me, and even that wasn’t very good in terms of lean/fat ratio. I was, I believe, more than 12% body fat at that time.

So to reiterate, my goal is to drop below 10% body fat, and if possible, into the 5-7% range. I don’t know if that’s possible, and given how up and own this whole thing has been over the last several days, I can only guess what the future might hold. But today, I’m down again, and so is my loving wife, and that makes me happy.



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