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Great Hot Dogs!

I’ve discovered a new favorite hot dog. They’re Boar’s Head brand skinless beef frankfurters, and I have to confess, they’re as good as Hebrew National Kosher franks!

The taste is remarkably similar between the two. Unfortunately, so is the price.

They have perfect ketogenic numbers, too: 11g fat, 6g protein, and 0g carbohydrates! Woo!

While I’m enamored of them, and they’re readily available (Hebrew National seems harder to find around here for some reason), they are costly. And for a hot dog, I’m not sure it’s worth it. But I do love my sausages, even when they’re low-grade, cheap ones like hot dogs.

I also got some hot smoked sausages. I wanted to try those and was honestly torn between which ones to go with this morning, but I opted for a hot dog breakfast. Tomorrow, perhaps the sausages, unless I get too homesick for my omelet. I love eggs.

I’m back to under 250lbs today; right at 249.4, which is a pound less than yesterday. Unfortunately, that’s still .2lbs less than the gain I experienced yesterday, so I’m still behind the curve there. But at least it’s moving the right direction again. I’m almost – almost – sure the gain was a salt/water retention thing, because I guzzled fluids Wednesday and Thursday trying to recover from the dehydration of Monday and Tuesday. So we’ll see. Also I wondered about muscle gain, being I did so much “working out” Monday and Tuesday. But meh. I doubt it.

Anyway, back down a pound and hopefully moving the right way now. Again. Maybe.

Time will show.


One thought on “Great Hot Dogs!

  1. the potato wife says:

    YAY! Retention, yep that was probably it. Oh how I adore sausages. I want to make my own but it’s not in the budget to get a grinder. Unfortunately most of the inexpensive sausages here are also a bit high in carbs. Just don’t have the wonderful selection that I could find in America.

    They’re higher in carbs here than I’d like generally, too, so when I find some which are fantastic like this (Boar’s Head brand if you can find it in the UK!), I stick with it. But they’re pricey — about $7US for ten of them. 😦

    Congrats on losing it!


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