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I’ve been sort of stymied on my weight loss the last couple of days. Maybe a week.

Since I plowed into virgin weight loss territory (VWLT), I can’t seem to make any progress. I’ve hit a wall of sorts.

To be honest, I’ve also had a LOT of trouble with my sinuses. Headaches two days in a row, then stuffed-up can’t-breathe sort of congestion, followed by pressure and mild pain, and an infuriating inability to make the passages drain with standard OTC medicines (my normal route) or with my sinus rinse ("Neti Pot" principle). I just couldn’t get them to budge, from Wednesday until yesterday, and thought for sure if I didn’t have a sinus infection, I would get one. I just couldn’t get any oxygen up there to kill it.

Finally, it broke yesterday. For the most part, at least. I’m mostly pain-free and breathing fairly easy today, so I feel the shifting weather (and it has been wildly swinging here, some 30F degrees from high to low on Thursday) and the blowing of allergens probably had me under its thumb. My loving wife gave me confidence in that. Thanks, babe!

So I’ve not been able to blog nearly as much lately. I’m swamped with things at work, and at home I’m trying to get a lot done when I’m not groaning in agony with what feels like a spike driven into the side of my skull. Mostly, I just slept and read (as much as possible — eyestrain is no friend to sinus headaches), and ate and tried to maintain my diet through the drug doses.

Mixed results? Perhaps. I don’t know if my bouncing weight — which is swinging within the 247lb range, up a few tenths, down a few tenths, back and forth — is because of the medicines or because of changes in supplementation or whether it’s unrelated to any of the above. I’m not free and clear of the sinus issues, either, but I’ve not taken any pills since Saturday for them, and those were in the AM. I’ve managed to keep my numbers in their ranges despite my desire to eat hot soup, sourdough bread and butter, and drink a goblet of red wine. It wouldn’t kill me, for sure, but I’d be out of nutritional ketosis for a while, and I’m just not willing to sacrifice what I’ve worked so hard for because of a headache.

Not yet, anyway. Time will show.


5 thoughts on “Stagnation

  1. You with all the meds you had to take, me with off-handedly eating the extra couple bites of protein – and we pay! At least, we know more for the future now. I suppose that’s one way to look at it.

    I miss soup. *sigh*

    I know you do, love. And I miss authentic Mexican and Italian cuisine. Someday, we’ll be thin and then we can ENJOY the trip back to fat!

    • selkiehair says:

      Ah, but after cooking meat bones in a crockpot and using the broth for soup and add heavy cream… about the best “CREAM” soup ever! YUM!

      Well, add in some shredded cheese to make it melty and YUM! Excellent sounding! I may have to try this someday!

  2. selkiehair says:

    I am sorry you are not feeling well and it’s pretty certain that any kind of inflammation in the body is going to affect the weight on the scale. Meds might too. Many kinds of OTC’s have dextrose fillers, even the pills. I use to have a medicine list with the carb counts, but I cannot find it. Don’t know if that could be a possible issue. There might be one on the net somewhere.

    Hope you feel much better soon!

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate the information AND the link! Excellent information!

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