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Woo! Success!…Somehow

I don’t know how, but I managed to lose weight yesterday! I awoke this morning in VWLT (Virgin Weight Loss Territory)!


So, onward. My sinus situation seems tenuous, but on my side. I have occasional twinges of pain but they always clear up, and I’ve not had to take any medications since Saturday morning. Another Huzzah!

So I’m down to 246.6, and hoping for less by tomorrow. Strangely, I can’t get my numbers to match up from the scale to the software. Not sure what happened, but I seem to be off somehow. I’ll have to write the number down tomorrow to verify I got it right.

We’ll see.

Today I’m back in my range, but if I start struggling with bounces again, I’m going to increase them slightly to what I did yesterday and see if the new me (some thirty pounds lighter) requires different numbers for some reason. I’m sure the rest of my life will be tweaks and fidgets, getting it to work. I’d rather not, but I’m committed to whatever the cost to lose this lard.

I get to wear some shirts I haven’t seen in a long while this week! I’m looking forward to new pants too!


One thought on “Woo! Success!…Somehow

  1. Woo! Down is down, no matter by how much. The trend line is all that matters. 🙂 I’m very proud of you. And you look good in your new pants, too. *kiss*

    Thanks, love. *blush* I don’t look “good”, but it’s getting better. Thank you for your ongoing support. I love you.

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