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Little Bit Bouncy

I’ve been bouncing around a little bit lately. Within the 16oz of the 246lb, I’ve been all over the map. Down as low as 246.2, up as high as 246.8, but never crossing the 247lb boundary. So in a sense, that’s good. In another sense, what the heck’s going on now?

I keep up with my numbers and stay in my range, but to be honest, I’m wondering about tweaking here. When I take in just slightly more fat, I seem to have a better response weight-wise than I did before. So now I’m wondering if, as I continue down the scale, I will have to adjust the macro-nutrient levels I take in so I can keep the loss moving in the right direction.

While not a huge concern – yet – it is something to keep an eye on. I hope it’s not a problem going forward, because Lord knows I do NOT want to have to go back to the chemistry lab and figure out the formulae again.

Still, I’m back to 246.2lb today, after two days of climbing back to 246.8. So I’m happy there, but would like to break that barrier and continue down. As I recall, I had this problem with Atkins the first time I did it (incorrectly, mind), and hit several plateaus along the way. I’d stall for a few days or a week, then break through and hit what I called, at the time, “avalanche,” wherein I’d drop up to a pound a day after getting through the stall.

Of course, I did nothing about the stalls except wait. I really miss my “golden time” in ketogenic dieting and wish I could have managed to stay on it permanently. For all I know I’d still have problems (Jimmy Moore is a testament to how doing it wrong will actually cause the plan to reverse itself), but I loved the idea of not restricting my protein and still losing weight.

Now, the mental deficiency which comes with the gluconeogenesis isn’t fun, but the success and being full all the time I can certainly live with.


One thought on “Little Bit Bouncy

  1. It could be salt, or water intake, maybe even something as small as sweating more when it’s warmer.

    Still, I know you’ll drop down in the next couple of days. Your trend line is downward so you’re doing something right. 🙂

    Thanks, love, and you’re right…it did, indeed, drop down again. I think I might’ve been short on fat. Something in my metabolism might have changed, but for some reason, the numbers indicate higher fat is the key now.

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