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Down and down I go, ‘round and ‘round I go…

Well, it’s voodoo, but not that voodoo that you do so well, as the ancient song goes. No, in fact, it’s more like alchemy sometimes.

I’m at 245lbs even today, a full 1.2lbs lower than yesterday. While that’s good news, it’s also confusing news, because it rather confirms a suspicion I had a few weeks ago which continues to niggle at the back of my head day in and day out.

I believe, as we progress down the road of ketogenic weight loss, our “magic” numbers – those macro-nutrient amounts which facilitate optimum weight loss without ramifications for health and hunger – will need to be adjusted.

Protein, very likely, is a fixed target. That’s not going to change, because we’ve opted to use amounts which are designed to sustain our bodies at our ideal weight, not our current weight. (Who in their right mind would do that?) So sustaining lean muscle mass will be easy as we approach our goal weight.

The other numbers, though, might have to be goosed, and not in the way I suspected. I thought, for instance, I may have to adjust fat down to accommodate being thinner. Less fat to burn in my body will mean less fat in my dietary intake to force my body to use what is stored. Simple logic, right? Wrong.

Over the last week, maybe, I’ve noticed if I keep my fat in the range I had it before – under 135g or so per day – I don’t lose. In fact, I bounce around and might, if not careful, gain weight. So I inadvertently went higher on fat one day and noticed the next day I was lower on the scale. Interesting. I immediately assumed I’d dodged a bullet, and went back to my normal fat intake. And didn’t lose. (I don’t recall whether I gained or not, but I know I didn’t lose.) Then I lose a little, then bounced up. Then I again went higher on the fat than my “range” specified, and voila! – more loss.

Yesterday I deliberately loaded the fat nearer the 150g/day range, and today I’m down a full 1.2lbs, not the piddle-paddle .4 or .2lbs with which I’ve been toying.

All right, I’ll grant there’s nothing conclusive here. I have to ensure the fat is the key, and to do that I’ll have to continue the experiment for a bit. But so far, so good, and the experience has taught me that this isn’t going to be a static process. It’s going to evolve over time and morph as our bodies do. The thinner I get – and I’m wearing a new pant size now and have room in my button-down shirts I never had before – the more I’ll have to find the numbers again.

It’s good news, in that I may (may!) have discovered another key for myself to continue the weight loss progress, but it also means the experimentation, the tweaking, the finding of the ranges and numbers and all that, will never end. As long as I live and fight my weight, fight my metabolic resistance, fight my body’s natural desire to be a fat-ass, I’ll have to work to find the keys to losing and keeping it off.

This is, after all, a lifestyle, not a diet. And part of that lifestyle is going to be finding the new numbers for every indicated shift.

And I thought fetishes were weird.


2 thoughts on “Down and down I go, ‘round and ‘round I go…

  1. I think you are definitely on to the right answer with the fat and yes, I do believe nothing is static, ratios may have to change with a changing body.

    And today I’ve regained the 1.2lbs I lost. *SIGH/SCREAM*

    Have you seen this guy’s blog? I love his high fat meals!

    I’m off to check it out now! Thanks!

  2. I believe you’re right, Love. However, I think the tweaking will be in smaller and smaller increments. The protein will probably, as you said, stay the same. Eventually though, we might be able to have a bit more carbs, so those things will have to be adjusted over time. But we’ll make it. 🙂

    We sure will, love, and I know we’ll get this figured out sooner rather than later. But it will be a challenge between now and then.

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