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Well, isn’t this fun, boys and girls?

I lost 1.2lbs yesterday, and today, I’ve gained every ounce back.

Now, I may have been deceived yesterday. The scale I use is horribly unreliable. I can barely get three identical readings on it and sometimes trying to get the stupid thing to be consistent causes me to run late for work (I weigh myself just before my morning shower). So, perhaps the number I saw on the scale, which I did get two or three times in a row, was not correct. I also weigh in a couple of hours later on weekends, since I don’t have to get up for work and have the luxury of sleeping in.

So, today, I stepped on the scale and showed the exact same number I had on Saturday. Any loss I experienced Sunday was completely erased. It might, once again, simply be water weight, or it might be because I had much higher fat intake (10g or more higher two days in a row). Having too much caused me to gain weight before, so there is precedent for this behavior. I guess I can try to wiggle back down with fat and see where that leads me.

I don’t believe my protein is the problem; it wasn’t above 70g either day.

The carbs were 30g/day or lower even when they crept up on me. So, I don’t think that’s the culprit either.

It’s either the fat increase, or its the scale, I’m almost sure. More time will have to tell. But today, I’m back up the 1.2lbs I was down yesterday. So.

246.2lbs. And still 103lbs to go. STILL.


One thought on “Aggravation

  1. Sorry Love. I know how frustrating that is. You’ll get it though.

    Maybe. I hope so. I can’t stand it right now. Frustrated and a bit angry.

    I don’t fight with the scale as much as you do, I guess. No more than 3 times for me. If 2 are the same, great. If not, I cut down the middle between the highest and lowest.

    That’s probably a good approach. I should do that from now on too, because I spend a LOT of time trying to get some readings to agree.

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