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Ready to Give UP

I can’t stand it. I work so hard to figure out the numbers I need, the balance of macro-nutrients, then I go and blow it all…by accident.

I ate too much protein tonight at dinner. And it’s a crap shoot, of course. Is the label accurate? To what extent? It’s chicken, and around dinner I’ve been indulging in about six ounces of meat with every meal. It’s not presented any problems before tonight. But tonight I went a whopping 7-14g over my normal consumption.

I did manage to hold my fat under 140g today, but I’m not so sure that’s good. I’m trying to bump the fat and hold protein, so I can see what effect it might have. Now I won’t know.

Back on it tomorrow, I suppose. I guess I should have told my wife to stick to five ounces of meat unless I say otherwise.

I guess I’ll find out tomorrow if the punishment of weight gain comes.


One thought on “Ready to Give UP

  1. I’m so sorry Babe. 5 oz from now on.

    It wasn’t your fault, sweetest. I should have been smarter about this. I can add more; I can’t take any back. I have to be more careful, is all. I love you for caring though. 🙂

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