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Sporadic Behaviors

Well, I thought I had a new set of numbers to shoot for last week. Unfortunately, I can’t get a bead on them and the elusive continuous weight loss beast has escaped again.

So, today I’m up to 244.4lbs, which is .2lbs heavier than yesterday, which I achieved by using the same range of numbers I’d observed before. That is to say, if I keep my fat around 140g/day and my protein under about 75g/day (but not below 65g/day), I should lose fat and retain lean tissue. And then it didn’t work. Around the end of September, I had a couple of days of weight gain using that formula, so I got confused. Then I inadvertently ate too much protein on Thursday, and thought for sure I’d gain, but I didn’t. I lost. So then I got really confused. I figured maybe fat should be between 130g and 140g/day. Hm.

Next, I tried increasing my fat a bit – not dramatically, just a touch. And that seemed to be working until yesterday. My fat was in the right range (134g, actually), and my protein, while a mite low, was 62g. And I’ve gained weight.

(Carbohydrates are always below 25g/day, except for September 27 when I accidentally kicked them all the way to 30.5g … and lost weight.)

Not much weight, mind you, but by holding my fat in the 130-145g/day range over the last four days, I’ve seen steady declines. I got to VWLT again. And now? *Le Sigh*

I’ve been craving a pizza – and not that crap-ass stuff from Pizza Hut or Domino’s, but real, cheesy, greasy, meaty pizza – and even Chinese (pot stickers, actually), but haven’t given in yet. I want to make a low-carb pizza like I’ve heard so many LCHFers rave about but the protein is simply too high in those with the toppings and cheese. I have no idea how to satisfy my cravings now. I used to just…eat. If I do that, my face breaks out and my weight goes nuts. I lose a couple of weeks or more of nutritional ketosis, and I don’t enjoy the food near as much as I would if I just cheated with good sourdough, butter, cheese, wine and grapes. Nirvana!

So today I’m a little stumped, but not so much I’m frustrated into a frenzy. It’s just funny to watch. It might be necessary for me to track salt along with my macro-nutrients, because yesterday I had a fair bit of it while indulging in hot dogs for breakfast and brats for dinner.

Today I go back to eggs/omelet for breakfast (er, lunch, I guess) and my loving spouse’s good chicken for dinner. Maybe tomorrow will be better and another loss day.

Time will show. I don’t guess the weight will always be lower, and I wonder how people like Jimmy Moore see consistent and constant weight loss on their journey while mine bounces around. Maybe I’m missing something there. We bought a blood ketone meter and my wife is going to try and figure out what’s going on with her over the next month or more, measuring glucose (she got strips for that, too) and ketones. I wonder if I should too?

Ah well, it’s working. Just not as quick as I want. That’s true for almost everything, though.


One thought on “Sporadic Behaviors

  1. It might not be a bad idea for you to track your salt as well. I suspect you have days that are saltier than others, and that might be impacting your weight loss.

    I think so too. Or maybe a potassium dose now and again might help.

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