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Well, I dropped 1.4lbs today. Over yesterday, that is, which indicates one of two things to me.

  1. My scale sucks and probably shouldn’t be trusted;
  2. My body is really weird.

I’ve kept to my numbers, but seemed to be consistently gaining weight for some reason. Two straight days I went up, then suddenly plummeted. I don’t know why, but okay, I’ll take it. The bounces up were within the same one-pound range, so I wasn’t too distressed, just curious why the uptrend occurred. The downward drop, however, is really unexpected and dramatic.

I actually ate a bit more protein yesterday, though I did spend a few moments on the Internet to assuage my fears of protein deficiency. I discovered I only have one symptom, perhaps two. Most likely the weakness and strange sensation I feel in my forearms is unrelated to the cramps in my lower legs and feet. The latter is probably dehydration. I drink a lot of water but it’s always tainted with Crystal Light tea or something. And I have a couple of cups of coffee every day too, so that’s a diuretic counter-measure against the water. And because I don’t have water just sitting around at work in the quantities I did before (due to loss of my office space for a cubicle), I don’t drink it as freely as I did before.

The arm weirdness? Probably repetitive stress syndrome due to poor ergonomics at the computer, both home and at work.

Ah well. I can alleviate the arm thing a bit with repositioning my elbows when I’m not actually typing. At home, my wife wants to find a keyboard shelf we can anchor to my desk. I just want a new desk. One with storage, preferably. I’ve learned my lesson in that regard.

With those things alleviated, I can go forth knowing I’m okay with the amount of protein I’m getting until I see other symptoms to the contrary. And now, I’m under 244 — 243.2lbs. Yippy-kiyay. Only 100lbs to go now.


2 thoughts on “Nice!

  1. Do you change the amount of carbs you eat daily? My body gains/loses weight at what seems like an impossible rate when I change my carb consumption! Just an idea, keep it up!

    Thanks for the encouragement! No, I try not to change the carb count daily. I hold it as steady as I can, but it’s never dead-on accurate every day. So, actually, I guess the answer is yes, I DO change it, but only within a narrow range. Good luck to you too! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Yay for weight loss! 🙂 See? Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re doing it right. 🙂 Sometimes it might be simply a matter of your body taking 36 hours to digest something and the results to show up, other times it might be faster. You will make it!

    Well, I don’t know if it takes 36 hours or not, but I’m glad to be moving in the right direction! Thanks for the support, love!

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