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Still Dropping, Bouncing, Dropping

Down, up, up, down, down, down, up, down…

That’s the way the weight loss has gone for me for the last week or two. I make progress, but it’s always slowed along the way by a mysterious upswing for a few days. I suspect, at this point, it’s salt. I added a couple of 99mg potassium tablets to my supplements and that seemed to break through a temporary climb trend and send me down a whopping three pounds. On the other hand, maybe it was because I changed the batteries in the scale. *Shrug*

Either way, I seem to still be sinking. My wife has her ketone/glucose meter now and she discovered her blood sugar is in the low range but still higher than she thought it’d be. And when I tested I got a reading of 71 initially, then 88 after eating a fully ketogenic meal. (?)

The strips aren’t cheap but the surprise to me was the lancets. We only got 10 of them, so I want to preserve them for her use. We’ll get more at the local pharmacy if they’re available. Only the blood ketone strips – at a whopping $50 per box of 10 – aren’t available OTC, apparently.

So I guess we’ll have more tools to figure this stuff out. If I see my spouse break through and really get going, I’ll be excited and willing to buy enough strips for us both to test for a month or two and get an idea where the problem(s) have been.

Time will show.

For today, I’m at 240.2lbs, according to at least two of the readings I had to take on my scale today. Other variations included 241.2, and 240.0. And this is AFTER changing the batteries. I’m ready to go to an analog scale, if only there was one with a large enough dial for me to read.


One thought on “Still Dropping, Bouncing, Dropping

  1. I think the only “pro” to bouncing, would be that it shows that something is happening. On a stall, everything is so still and you don’t know what’s going on, only that nothing is happening. With bouncing, at least there is activity of some kind.

    Yes, I’m reaching, I know! LOL We’ll get it Love. 🙂

    No, there’s no upside to bouncing. It only goes to show you’ve made a mistake somewhere, but doesn’t show you where you went wrong. The meter will help with that, I’m sure. You can at least identify if it’s a BG problem or not.

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