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Secrets Revealed

Well, some things have come to light which are pretty eye-opening in my estimation.

For one thing, I may have discovered how important potassium is in weight loss. I don’t know that, and may not know that for a while, but one of two things is true:

  1. Either potassium supplementation can help you drop pounds in a single day, or
  2. My scale is really, really bad.

For my money, I lean toward option two. I mean, seriously, I dropped three pounds overnight otherwise. While that may not be impossible, it certainly seems unlikely, considering how much I can bounce around within a single pound range over the course of several days. But then to plummet almost three pounds? I dunno.

Secondly, my wife might have figured out what’s going wrong with her own weight loss efforts, Perhaps this is the beginning of a new downturn in her weight again.

Unfortunately, it might mean losing her beloved coffee and cream over the course of time.

She might have — and I emphasize might have — discovered why she’s having such a hard time losing and staying down. That’s good news AND bad news, far as I can tell, but she’s also making great use of a tool we got her to do just this — her blood ketone meter.

Fortunately, it measures both ketones and blood glucose. The glucose readings are very revealing — much more than I expected. She’s on the trail of an experiment now which might make her ketone readings — which she considered very low — improve. When that improves, all the benefits of the ketogenic lifestyle she’s supposed to have and doesn’t might actually come into play.

So, I guess Phinney and Volek aren’t as useless as I initially gathered. (Just kidding, doctors. Sorta.)

Still, it might mean losing yet another beloved food for her, but it might also add some calories for at least fat into her plan. She’s really holding to a low-calorie ketogenic plan right now, and to be honest, it’s hard for her. I worry about her, too, but she dare not go over her limits or the penalties are great.

The hyper-sensitivity to protein above her daily allotment becomes clear also. She’s not just experiencing issues because of protein, but because of blood sugar issues. Addressing those might clarify a ton of stuff for her. And if she can have more food on her plate and still lose weight, well … how bad can that be?

So, interesting stuff, and time alone will show whether her experiment clears things up. It also might indicate she’s more insulin-resistant than she ever imagined. But it also explains so much, including why any little thing knocks her for a loop.

We’ll fix this, babe, and you’ll be where you want to be in (almost) no time. Love you.


2 thoughts on “Secrets Revealed

  1. Don’t forget Love, that we can flux up to 4 lbs in a day, so that 3 lb bounce you saw is probably very legitimate.

    Love you too!

    I know you really hang on to that fluctuation figure, but for me it’s just another in a long line of diet platitudes which basically tell you just be happy. That’s the Phinney Doctrine, and I don’t buy it. But I do love you. 🙂

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