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Hey, What a Surprise! UP Again!

Well, nothing like a few days of success to lull you into a false sense of security with your knowledge of how your body works.

My .8lb bounce up erases a couple of days of working down toward rolling my middle digit. My loving and intelligent wife found her blood sugar sits too high, and feels she might be on the trail of the cause for that. But me? Well, I don’t know yet. I could buy another meter, I suppose, but checking my blood sugar every day to collect the data is an expense I neither want nor need right now.

At the same time, I won’t know what the problem is by simply staring at a screen. I suspect salt (water retention) plays a larger role than I give it credit for, but perhaps my blood sugar is an issue. I might have discovered a 23-point upswing by chewing sugar-free gum (more testing would be required to make certain), and that’s just on a whim-test, a one-off the first day we had the meter. Still, things like artificial sweetener may be doing more harm than good at this point in our diets. I can see how dropping sweetened drinks in favor of plain water would be beneficial. And moving away from sweetened coffee to either straight coffee or tea, or nothing, might be beneficial too. I’m not, however, interested in the migraines many people get from weaning from caffeine.

So, the answer IS in the numbers… somewhere. The macro-nutrient levels are probably fine at this point. It’s more a matter of fine tuning the details to ensure a steady drop.

At some point, exercise will no longer be optional, but I’m not there yet. For now, more tweaking. Still, I don’t know about the glucometer. Many have used it but with only limited success from a ketogenic standpoint. We need to know our nutritional ketosis level, and that can’t be determined with a glucometer. I think the trick is to get the blood sugar in control first and then address nutritional ketosis. Knowing something is triggering your blood sugar spikes, like my wife now does, could help, but it won’t tell her why her ketones are lower than she’d like. The same would go for me, so the huge outlay of capital for enough strips to make this experiment work is daunting.

Time will show… as always.


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