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Woo hoo!

Well! My middle digit rolled down this morning! I’m officially (as much as it can be official with such an unreliable scale) under 240lbs!

I don’t know when I last weight this little, because we didn’t have a scale until this past year. But I’m sure it’s been a while. Still, I’m not near fitting into the pants I’ve got squirreled away from when I wasn’t so heavy. I do, however, need a new size. I’m not able to fit well at all into the size I wore just a month ago and my poor wife bought me new pants only a few weeks ago and those are becoming too loose. So the upside is, if I can cross just a couple of more size boundaries I’ll be able to wear old pants again. The bad news is I don’t have pants which truly fit now.

Of course, I can get away with the last size I have for a little while, but the size before that now bunches too much under my belt, and it wads out from the top of it. I also need new belts while I’m at it. The ones I just bought a month or two ago don’t fit… already! The one I bought before that lasted me until it actually broke. These have barely been broken in — and I bought two because I thought I’d be good for a few months at least.

And of course, this all comes just before Christmas, and my son’s birthday, when we have to buy presents. *Sigh*

So, I’m happy but… not too. Weight today is 239.8lbs, according to our crummy scale. 🙂


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