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Jiggling Again

Well, my weight numbers are moving the wrong direction again. And I seem to be stuck in a perpetual wiggle-in-a-narrow range sort of cycle. I get down to an all-time low, then gain, then gain more, then drop again, then drop some more, all within a pound or two. Finally I break through and get down a little farther, but I have to admit this isn’t any fun.

I don’t know why, but I know my blood sugar’s been sitting around 95 in a fasted state the last two times I tested. I’m not testing consistently, of course, because the device is for my wife and the strips aren’t free. So I have to be careful about making assumptions. Ideally, I’d have my own strips and meter and do this daily to see where my baseline is and then try and figure out what might be wrong from there.

I miss being able to just eat.

240.2lbs today, up from 240.0lbs yesterday and from 239.8lbs a couple of days ago.

I wish I had more time to blog, I might be able to shake something out doing so. Things are hard for me at work and at home all I can do is watch training videos and take notes like a college kid, trying to learn and retain this stuff. *Sigh* Ah, well.

Here’s hoping tomorrow will be in the positive again.

UPDATE: Special thanks to Jimmy Moore from the Living La Vida Low-Carb blog for mentioning me as one of his monthly low-carb blogs. If you’ve visited because of that link, thank you for stopping by, but by now you must realize this is only a journal of my journey to reclaim my body from the horrors visited upon it in the last 21 years since I came to Illinois. I hope you’ll forgive Jimmy, but he probably just found me because I mention “low-carb” (I’m on a ketogenic diet).

You’re welcome to stay and follow along on my trip to thin if you’d like but be warned: I’m very, very boring and inconsistent with updates.



One thought on “Jiggling Again

  1. I think getting you a meter of your own is a good idea. We can get just a glucose one, and then you can do ketones on the one we have now.

    Sounds like a plan. I guess we’ll do that then. The strips are WAY cheaper for different meters too.

    I hate the bouncing too. I feel like screaming at the weight, “I lost you already! Go away and stay gone!”

    I know! It’s so aggravating! Love you.

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