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Slower and Less Steady

So I’ve not been able to identify why, but the fact remains my weight’s all over the map lately, all within a narrow range. I’m not sure if that’s a blood sugar issue, a matter of just hitting a stall, or my lousy scale. I’m hoping (and rather suspicious) it’s not the latter though, because of the overall line of weight loss I’ve had for the last several weeks.

I’m also having more trouble holding on to the 65-70g/day of protein level. It’s consistently hitting over that mark and maybe that’s why the weight loss is slowing. I can’t be sure. The addition of hummus to my lunch hasn’t seemed to be the problem — it’s not any more carb-laden than the salsa — and the amounts are low. So I’m wondering if the protein is the issue. I don’t know about the fat, though. I eat around 130-135g/day and that worked for a long time. A couple of times I could eat more and still lose weight, but now I’m not sure.

So, for today at least, I’m in VWLT again. This is the lowest number I’ve experienced since we started dieting, and I wonder how long before I can start wearing the pants I stored away so (seemingly) long ago. Some of them haven’t been able to see the light of day since at least 2008, perhaps as far back as 2007. I’m excited about the prospect of getting a new wardrobe without having to spend any money! … well, except for a belt. I need a new belt.

Time will show whether the down-trend continues, but it’s definitely slowing. No clue why yet.


2 thoughts on “Slower and Less Steady

  1. Sometimes I do think it’s that gum. I was just looking at the label, and it says it’s 35% fewer calories than sugared gum. So … it’s still like 65% regular gum then, and 2 carbs per serving – more than cheese, even. Maybe it’s not such a great deal as we thought. 😦

    Aw, darn! I didn’t realize that! I though it was sugar free. ARRGH!

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