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I’m really unsure of what’s happening with my body. I knew this would happen. At some point, too much data is too much.

I measured my blood sugar today and found it in a fasted state at 105. That seems very high to me. The lowest I’ve been, according to this device (which checks out to be pretty accurate if you can trust the Internet), was 71. Not sure what to make of that.

I just tested a moment ago, about 90 minutes after eating some high-fat breakfast, and found it at 92. That’s…what? Better, I suppose, and it does include coffee with cream and sweetener, and pre-sweetened drink mix, albeit not a lot. Nevertheless, I can’t tell yet what these numbers are telling me.

And my lovely wife’s ketone measuring hasn’t told her as much as she’d like to know yet, but we’re slowly collating because of the cost of those strips. So, my weight came down a bit today from yesterday – I’m sitting at 239.2 from 239.6 yesterday – but I’m not back to my lowest recent weight of 238. Still, I suppose it’s progress.

The interest in my blood sugar was sparked by my hunger yesterday. My love actually suggested it when I complained of being hungry soon after dinner. Far too soon for a ketogenic diet, in my view. I did measure and found it in the middle 90s, so it wasn’t bad. But now I wonder if I did it right the first time when I got 71 fasted and 88 postprandial.

Ah well. No sense obsessing, and the strips are too expensive to do this often. I may have to invest in my own blood sugar meter so I can test more frequently if things don’t start looking up from a weight loss standpoint.


One thought on “Unsure

  1. I don’t think you’re as insulin resistant as I seem to be – (who knew?! I thought it would be the other way around!) but I do think getting you a meter is a good idea. Blood glucose seems to be a key in so many things.

    Maybe next time we’re at Wallyworld, then? We’ll see. I don’t need a super-fancy one, and you can use it for BG measurements too, save yours for just ketones.

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