diet, weight loss


Life goes on.

I honestly have nothing to say at this point. I’d tell you my weight is down, but tomorrow it will likely be up. And I can’t tell you why my weight is down, since yesterday I went over my limits on both protein and fat yesterday. Ah, well. Mysteries abound, and what would life be without them?

Today, my weight is down. Tomorrow, perhaps not. Time will show. But I guess not giving up and just throwing myself into a carb-induced coma will pay off.


Still, I’ve lost about a pound in two weeks, and on this style diet, that’s not supposed to be.

Time will show.


One thought on “Meh

  1. thepotatowife says:

    Perhaps, though, every hard earned pound lost is one that may never see the light of day again. Your tenacity is paying off, not in speed but in completeness.

    Well, I hope so, but I have to admit, not seeing any progress — my poor wife hasn’t budged up OR down in TEN DAYS now! — is very discouraging and it makes it tough to want to keep going. I suppose the upside is the permanence factor, but that’s about all there is. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement, I really needed it!

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