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Budging, Finally

Well, my weight went up by 2.2lbs about five days ago when I went way too high on my protein and fat intake. For the next three days, it came down slowly – at a rate of 2/10lb per day. But today, after eating too much protein but the right amount of fat yesterday, it’s back down by a full pound, from 237.2 to 236.2lbs.

That’s a big relief, because I didn’t relish the prospect of spending eleven days trying to get back to where I was before this happened. Now, I’m still up a pound and Thanksgiving is coming, but it gave me an interesting pause.

My protein numbers are going to be out of spec on Thanksgiving. That’s given. I don’t care about the weight gain if it’s only a pound or two, but I’m not interested in losing six weeks of progress to gluconeogenesis. At the same time, I don’t want to change our plans midstream and abandon what we said we’d do. We’re not having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings, so there won’t be any carbohydrate violations, but the fat and protein will go up on that day.

I guess my question is, can I consistently make use of the higher protein/lower fat combination to fight weight gain over this period? and further into the holiday season?

Time will show. Worst case is six weeks of the new year spent getting back into nutritional ketosis with lessons learned. Best case is, we lose weight over the holidays and once again lesson learned.


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