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Still Dropping

Another .8lbs today.

Last night I measured my ketones (nutritional) for the first time in a long while. I’m sitting at about 1.4 which isn’t great. But I’m losing weight, and that’s the goal, so I’m not going to lose sleep over my marginally ketotic state. Whatever’s causing me to lose weight is doing so at a mostly acceptable pace at this juncture. I’ve stumbled along and found my groove, and so if I more or less stay in it, I should be okay.

I guess.

Well, almost another pound gone and I’m in VWLT again, so huzzah for that. And this after a Thanksgiving in which I overdid the protein a touch. The only penalty I’ve paid so far, best I can tell, is a half-pound weight gain (gone now, and then some), and the acne eruption on my face (still fighting that one).

Back to work tomorrow, and I have to see what, if anything, I can adjust to keep my carb count as low as it’s been while I’ve been off. I’ve not broken 10g/day in the last three days and that’s incredible. If I can keep that up, I have a feeling I’ll have better ketone readings.

And of course, I’m not counting the cracker or two I’ve had with the kids a couple of nights this week, but then, it’s not affecting my weight loss either, so again, no sleep loss there.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend, and back at the grindstone tomorrow for me. Wish me luck.


One thought on “Still Dropping

  1. You know what else? Stress can cause gain. Stupid cortisol hormone causes us to gain weight – just when we need it most, right? And if you’ve been stressed about work stuff, that might also be a factor.

    Eh, I don’t know how much I buy into that cortisol theory. It seemed like a way to sell over-hyped vitamin C to me.

    Whatever the cause, it’s back to the nitty-gritty, at least until Christmas perhaps. And you’ll lose a few more between now and then, I’m confident. 🙂

    I hope so. Thanks, love. 🙂

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