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History Repeating

The most dramatic weight loss I’ve experienced, without the routine “bounce-back” to which I’ve become so very accustomed, occurred on October 12, 2012. At the time, I don’t remember what happened, but I have history which will show it.

I’ve noticed my carbs were well under 10g that day. My fat was just at 140g. My protein around 70g. Try as I might to emulate those numbers, that success, it’s simply not been possible.

That day, for whatever reason, I lost three pounds and didn’t bounce back up. I regained a bit on October 16, but that remained a small percent under what I’d dropped to on the 12th. So that weight never came back.

Today I haven’t budged from yesterday, which is .4lbs below what I was two days ago, which is 1.4lbs heavier than I was a few days ago when I hit a new low and posted the result. Maybe that was the mistake. Maybe mentioning it to the Internet somehow causes my body to rebel and become fatter. (I know, I know.)

Nevertheless, it’s interesting to note that’s the only time I had a dramatic loss and didn’t recover it all or most in a bounce. I should look and see what I ate, and what my macronutrient breakdowns were, to see if there’s anything I can do about replicating that success. I couldn’t then, and haven’t to now, so I don’t imagine it was anything I can sustain, but worth looking into.

At 232.6lbs (again) today…still.


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