diet, goals, weight loss

Poised for New Ground

I’m poised to drop below 230lbs in the next day or two, if the weight loss keeps up. Meanwhile, I have a mildly infected hangnail which is annoying and painful. I’ll be trying the salt-soak method of treatment here shortly, so I can rid myself of this nonsense.

A winter storm is moving in fast. We may have a white Christmas after all. I hope it’s gone by the time I go back to work on January 2nd, though. Not to be a Scrooge or anything, but let’s face it, our car’s not the best for winter conditions and there simply isn’t any money for another one right now.

I’m at exactly 230lbs today. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Brats and mustard (lots of it) and a touch of ketchup for lunch. Chicken for dinner. And joy drizzled over all.


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