diet, weight loss

Dilemma in Three…Two…

Well, just when I’d made up my mind to cheat on my diet if I wasn’t going to lose any weight over the holidays anyway, guess what happened?

That’s right. I lost a full pound. Down to 230.8lbs. Still almost a pound heavier than my lowest recorded weight, but I’m again poised to roll the middle digit down if I just stay the course and don’t blow it. Which, naturally, I was all set to do. *Sigh*

I actually had my sights set on Burger King tacos for my cheat. I suppose nothing’s stopping me, but… do I really want to do that when I finally am gaining ground again despite having three days running of gaining weight AND last night and today my blood sugar being off the charts (for me) at a whopping 106/104 (respectively)?

I’m going to pray about this. It’s much harder to just jump off the wagon than I thought. It’s harder to get my mindset into “cheat mode” than I expected. I think the investment in energy and discipline I’ve made, the hard work I’ve put into trying to lose weight and getting more than 40lbs off my frame in the last six months or so, has made a huge mental shift in me. It would be easier to stay the course than to cheat today.

I guess I’ll find out where my heart lies in a bit.

Merry Christmas, one and all! God bless you and I’ll see you again in 2013!


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