diet, weight loss

Nice. Real Nice.

I stuck to my guns, I kept on track and guarded my diet over the Christmas holiday. I didn’t cheat, even though I wanted to. I passed by the crescent rolls, I passed on the twice baked potatoes, and I even ignored the low-carb ice cream my loving wife got for me especially. I didn’t nip at the chocolate powered creamer, I didn’t overdo my proteins or fats, and I went to bed sure of my convictions.

And I woke up today a pound heavier at 231.8lbs.

I don’t understand, and I’m very angry. Today I have to face that same choice again, and I pray whatever decision I make today won’t haunt me for the next two to six weeks. Or add another pound to my already considerable backside.

Unfair. But then, so is life.


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