weight loss

Broke Even…for now

I cheated yesterday. I decided, last minute, I’d been good enough for the last four months and I’d like to enjoy a meal on my birthday.

I ordered a 9-inch thin crust pizza, a 10oz hamburger with fries, and had a little ice cream for dessert (which I also shared with the kids). All in all, not bad. I expected to be a couple of pounds heavier today, but instead was pleasantly surprised to find myself at the same weight as yesterday. Now I can wait for the other shoe to drop. I’ll not bother recording the macronutrient break down for yesterday’s solitary meal, because I can’t begin to determine what’s in each of those things (I called a delivery service and they brought it me…eventually). So, I’ll let yesterday slide with a notation on what I ate and just track from here on. Back on the wagon today.

This is really just record of what I did and why, but I don’t expect my weight to hold for long. I bet tomorrow I’ll be heavier and maybe even for the next couple of days. But, maybe my body has healed enough for me to have an occasional treat and not pay too dearly.

Time will show. 231.8lbs today, still.


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