diet, weight loss

Shoe Drop

Well, ONE shoe has dropped. I guess we’ll find out if any others will over the next couple of days.

Up to 233.8lbs today. A 2lb gain over yesterday. Of course, going way, WAY over my numbers with fat didn’t help. It was an accident, but all the more proof I need to watch what I’m doing with numbers no matter the occasion. Today I’m fatter. And the cheat was fine, but I wouldn’t say it was worth two pounds. Had I kept my discipline, I might’ve only had to contend with the overage on fat.

Then again, who knows? I’ve been adding weight for a few days now. I hope the trend reverses, but I can’t even see why it’s happening (prior to the last two days, of course). So the mystery of my body’s chemical responses continues.

My face stings with rawness and the irritation of not shaving. Again, simply not worth it. I’ll just continue to make the effort going forward, methinks.

Happy New Year to all.


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