diet, weight loss

Inexplicable Weight Gain

I’ve gained a total of 3.5lbs since Christmas day, with no explanation to offer as to why. Today my blood sugar reading hit a whopping 105. All I had last night before bed was a cup of instant coffee. We ate dinner around 7PM, so there’s no way that can be the cause.

The Diet Snapple drink mixes were suspect. I thought, perhaps, we’d inadvertently picked up regular instead of diet, but they’re not. So I can’t understand what’s happening to me or why. My face is breaking out like a teenager’s, which tells me something is driving my insulin nuts, but what it is I haven’t a clue.

Right now I’m so angry I’m pounding the keyboard. I need to sign off before I break something. I’m absolutely livid. There simply isn’t any explanation for this. I’ve been on my diet in full compliance except for ONE MEAL on December 26, and now I’ve put on three more pounds. Today’s gain represents a 1.2lb increase over yesterday’s weight.


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