diet, weight loss

Confused Readings

I have no idea what to make of my readings.

Today I’m at 232.0lbs, which is two pounds below yesterday’s reading. Which took me something like six tries to get. I don’t know if it was accurate and I’m not positive about today’s, either. I can hope.

I’ve been in some sort of gastric distress over the last couple of days, and I’ve visited the restroom far more often than I’m comfortable with. But if it means losing instead of gaining for a change, I guess I can put up with it for a couple of days. I haven’t any idea what’s causing it, other than a return to my normal diet. My standard lunches put me a bit higher in protein than I’d like, but the regiment is welcome after the problems I’ve had lately with losing weight. One day, one meal, and I’m still paying the penalty? Really?

Ah well. Live and learn, I suppose.

The next several days should show whether I’m back on track or not. Even if today’s weight reading is accurate, I’m still 2lbs heavier than I was before vacation. IF those are accurate readings. *sigh*


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