diet, weight loss

Here Goes the Yo-Yo Again

Well, boys and girls, do you know what time it is? That’s right! It’s yo-yo time again! Isn’t that grand?

Back up the .8lbs I lost yesterday. Will I be down again tomorrow? I have no idea. I have no clue why I’m up again today. I ate nothing off the diet, nothing over my limit, and have adhered to my number ranges with a fervor a zealot would envy. Why then did the weight jump occur?

As with every turn of the dial in the wrong direction, the answer is a dumbstruck “I don’t know.”

My blood sugar, by the way, is holding in the 80s right now. 89 on Friday night and 81 yesterday. I’ll see later what tonight’s reading is, but I can’t see it being higher.

Whatever the cause, I’m at 232.0lbs today. *Heavy exasperated sigh*


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