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There and Back Again: No Holiday

I’m not a Hobbit, but the journey I’m referring to has been sort of an adventure.

My weight’s been bouncing around in the 230-231 range for several days now. I’m not sure why the stall happened, but I boosted my fat content and lowered my protein (I thought) last night. What happened was, a 1.2lb drop in weight overnight. Not the miracle 12lbs loving spouse saw the other day, but enough to push my middle digit back down again.

So today I weigh in at 229lbs, and the spike in fat on my macronutrient chart is comical. I don’t know whether to sustain the higher fat or if the drop was the result of the previous days of lower fat. My protein remained around 70g/day, which is a bit higher than I normally go, but it’s been there for a few days.

My initial numbers indicated I’d dropped the protein down to about 59g yesterday, but it turned out I’d put in the wrong amount. When I corrected it, the fat and protein both rocketed up. I don’t mind as long as the scale number is falling.

I do feel hungry earlier last few days. That’s bothersome. I’d like to have the feelings of satiety back, but maybe dispersing the fat content throughout the day will help with that. Ketogenic dieting is supposed to make intermittent fasting a natural recourse of those feelings of fullness and satisfaction, but then, this hasn’t worked for us the way it’s supposed to from the beginning, really.

Time will show. Right now I’m going to have some broth and see if that helps the hunger.


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