No Progress? Really?

I’ve been bouncing around in the same one or two pound range forever, making no progress no matter what I do with my macronutrients. I’ve faithfully eaten my numbers, bumping them a few days ago to 140g/day fat from 135 or so. That did the trick once, but I guess not consistently. Now I’m not sure whether to back down again or stick with it and see if I break through.

It used to be easy. I simply drove my carb count down farther. My protein has consistently been in my range, though for a few days I went to 70g/day or so. I don’t know what to do about the stall except wait it out, but seriously, this is maddening. I can’t stand the inconsistency from a diet which is supposed to be the most powerful weight loss method on Earth. And I can’t figure it out even though I hear nothing except how easy it is.

Frustrated doesn’t come close to describing what I’m going through right now. I’ve not flinched since my birthday last month. What’s the problem?

230.4lbs today. And angry.


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