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Random Update

229.4lbs today. I’ve been bouncing around in a tight window of weight loss/gain for several days, and up until recently, the trend was generally downward. Now, however, I’ve crawled up a bit more than I’d like.

I’m not exactly sure why. My blood sugar has been consistently in the mid-80s every time I’ve measured it over the same period of time. I also measured very low blood ketones last time though, but that’s been consistent across my weight loss periods too. Matter of fact, when it jumped, I seemed to stall out with weight loss. (I think. Maybe not.) But I can’t seem to get and STAY in ketosis the way my wife does. She’s not having much luck dumping weight right now either, though.

It makes me wonder if there’s something we’re eating/drinking/doing which is sabotaging us without our knowing. For me, today represents the first weight loss in the last few days. But the gain is never more than a pound, thankfully. Still, stagnation stinks, and makes me wonder what I can do to jump start the process again.

Today I’m likely to go over my protein allowance, especially if I eat what I’m planning to eat today. On the other hand, maybe shifting around the macronutrient distribution will be enough to kick-start the weight loss again. Or not. I don’t know — and that’s the frustrating thing.


Well, 229.4lbs today. Tomorrow will tell its own tale.


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