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Virgin Territory!

Well, at long last I seem to have broken through the plateau where I sat for a couple of weeks. I’ve been jiggling around in the 228-229lbs range for a while, not able to find out what combination would continue the weight loss, but today, despite my blood sugar numbers being a touch higher, I dropped almost two pounds!

So I woke up at 227.6lbs today, which is down from the 229.4lbs of yesterday (even though I recorded 229.6 for some reason). Now, the mystery of why is still in play. I looked at the numbers and there’s nothing to indicate why the drop. They’ve been consistently in the same range for some time. One day I did clip up over 83g/day of protein, but my fat and carb counts have held steady. So…whuhappuned?

Dunno, but I’ll take it!

I slipped on a pair of pants this week I’ve not worn for … what? three years? more?… and found they didn’t pinch. A bit snug still around the waist, but I could wear them in a pinch. They didn’t ride up or look unseemly around the … well, other areas pants cover. So I guess I could wear them if I wanted/needed to. They just bind under the belly a little more than I’d like. It would probably get a bit painful by day’s end.

Still, we’re drawing close to being able to wear pants which haven’t seen the light of day in a long time. And that will open up a new wardrobe for me. Interestingly, my shirt collection will need to expand too, but doesn’t seem to be doing so at the same rate as my pants and belts. I need a couple of new ones there too. I’ve dropped a couple of sizes in the last six months. Things seem to be more obviously happening now. People at work are commenting on how much thinner I am, my face is showing the loss, things like that. Very nice to hear.

I’ve lost more than fifty pounds now, officially, since I first stepped on the scale in the doctor’s office last February and saw the horrific number: 278lbs.

Progress? Yes! Fast enough? Never!

Glad for the progress just the same, though. 227.6lbs today. I hope tomorrow will be lower still.


One thought on “Virgin Territory!

  1. ejw22 says:

    Congrats on the plateau breaking!

    Thank you so much!… I’m sorry I haven’t approved this earlier. I just got on to WP today after a week. 🙂

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