diet, weight loss


You gotta be kidding me.

I’ve gain more than 2.5lbs this weekend, doing absolutely nothing different than I’ve done since August of 2012.

I discovered my weight loss slowed a few months ago, but it was steady. I was sort of okay with that, because a little loss is better than none and much better than a gain. But now I have no idea what’s going on. My blood sugar was a whopping 105 yesterday and there’s no explanation for that either, except "hidden carbs," which might have crept in.

I didn’t have as much of that yesterday though, so now I’m wondering if all the pills on Friday to fight a looming migraine back had a bigger impact than I imagined. It took several poundings and finally falling asleep early on Friday night to force the headache away. I can’t remember how many I took. But I don’t have any precedence on why the gain has continued so long afterward. Normally, there’s a one day delay between things hitting my system and weight hitting the scale. Lately there appears to be a longer lag, and if this is any indication, I have to stop marking my tracking chart the way I’ve been to now. It’s funny because I thought I knew what was happening, but perhaps I’ve been mistaken.

Anyway, climbed to 229lbs from 227lbs on Sunday; hiked to 229.6lbs today. And I’m angry about it.



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