diet, weight loss

February/March, 2013

This past month – the last four weeks or more – have been disastrous for me from a weight loss perspective.

I’ve gained weight more times than I’ve lost, and broke back over the 230lb mark again. I peaked around 232, and sometimes I still see that number flashing through the scale, so I’m not convinced – even though subsequent weight measurements show lower numbers – I’m distanced from it yet.

Part of the problem stemmed from the amount of cashews I ate during the initial couple of weeks. When I finally broke that addiction – a handful here, another handful there – I still gained and couldn’t figure out why. Turns out, dairy was a culprit.

I’ve been drinking what I call “camp coffee” at night instead of tea. When I want something warm to drink, I make a cup of instant coffee (which is what you take camping, hence the term “camp coffee”) and put in a big dose of cream. BIG dose. And that excess cream was causing me to either be stalled or to gain.

So with a confluence of catastrophes – the camp coffee and the cashews, which were supposed to be for my daughter – I’ve put on something like five pounds in the last month.

I don’t know whether I have a handle on the problem or not. I can tell you I passed on my St. Patrick’s Day cheat because of the amount of weight I’ve gained over the past several weeks, and if I don’t see significant recovery from here, I’m going to have to give up on the idea of ever taking a “day off” from ketogenic dieting.

Nothing like running to stand still…or go backwards. All of my commitment, hard work, and strength of will amount to exactly nothing because I don’t have the first clue what my body is doing anymore. I thought I’d be LESS insulin resistant by now.

Guess not.

I’ll check in when I have something to say. Everything’s stagnant right now. Weight today was 231.0lbs.


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