weight loss

Weight Control?

Seems like maybe I got my weight gain problem addressed.

It had to do with the amount of cream I added to my coffee. I still don’t know – and have NO intention of finding out! – whether the issue is the result of too much fat or too many lactose-type substances in the cream.

The fact is, I can still enjoy a cup of “camp coffee” at night if I simply amp down on the cream. If I use a reasonable amount instead of mixing it as one-third the concoction, my weight tumbles.

I’m back under 23olbs now, and because I’ve had NO cashews since earlier this month, I’ve seen some pretty dramatic fall-off in my weight, with only one major spike in the middle somewhere.

So, the weight has come off, sometimes quite rapidly. I’ll be monitoring my intake of things more carefully and make sure I don’t abuse something good just because it has ketogenic properties. Everything, in too great a quantity, is detrimental.

Okay, onward again. Today I’m at 228.4lbs.


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