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So, my weight is all over the place lately. For a lot of March, I gained a couple of pounds, back over 230lbs. This is chronicled (complained about) in earlier posts.

Then, for the last part of March, I seemed to understand (figure out) what had to happen, and so by cutting cream back (a lot) in my nightly coffee, I dropped some of that weight.

But now, I’ve put some weight back on. I’ve climbed back up to about 229 or so, and I can’t figure out why every time my weight hits 227, I bounce back up. That magic number seems to be the trampoline surface and every time I hit it, I’m slung back up.

It’s become very frustrating, and I have to say, I don’t have any clue why it’s happening. I haven’t really done anything to drive the weight up, but I did notice for a couple of days my blood sugar was in the 100 range, which is high for me. I generally sit in the upper 80s or low 90s range. And of course,there came a corresponding outbreak of acne, which still hasn’t cleared completely.

So, I’m now wondering if there’s a problem with something specific I’m eating, rather than a macronutrient balance. I guess time will show.

Anyway, back to 229.0lbs today. Hoping to fall under 228 tomorrow.


One thought on “Confusion

  1. I have a similar problem with the 146lb barrier – it seems to be the weight I plateau at, and when I do get below it, it isn’t long until I seem to have gone back up to it again. I’m starting to consider the merits of going low-sugar to see if that helps…

    Good luck! I hope you break though. I’d be content with a barrier at 146… 😉

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