Uncontrollable Bounces

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to be on a ketogenic diet – the benefits of which are supposed to be higher satiety at mealtime and longer-lasting satiety overall – and not be able to lose weight.

Matter of fact, I gained a bunch yesterday. 2..2lbs, from 227.6lbs to 229.8lbs. In a single day. How?

Well, I got down to 227.6 by eating only one meal. I meant to go back and eat my lunch as an after-dinner snack, but never did. I wasn’t very hungry when I did eat, either. By the time I got to dinner, though, I was hungry. I actually could have skipped lunch again, or gone with something lighter.

But no. I ate. And then I went overboard with protein at dinner. So, one day I dropped a couple of pounds, but the following day, right back up. Saturday I only consumed 849 calories. Sunday I weighed in at 227.6. That was down a couple of pounds from Saturday. But Sunday I ate a whopping 1629 calories, and THAT padded my weight to 229.8. I appear to be missing my weight from 4/6 for some reason, but I know I was in the 228.8 or 228.6 range. So the 227.6lbs was a noticeable drop.

So I don’t know what my weight will look like tomorrow, but I suppose I’ll be in the 228-229 range. And whenever I approach the 227-barrier, I’ll bounce off it again, I’m sure. If not through accidental self-sabotage, then through the trampoline effect the number seems to have. I can’t figure out how to get through it, and it not only stalls me, but propels me back toward 230lbs whenever I hit it.

It’s sort of interesting, but alarming. I don’t know whether to do a fat-fast to break through it or just stay the course. Should I adjust my numbers? If so, how? which direction? *Sigh* NO answers, anywhere.

Today I’m 229.8lbs. I pray tomorrow I won’t cross back over 230.


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