diet, weight loss


Well! Look at that! I’ve been moving down for more than one day, and over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been moving more steadily down than up.

While that seems positive, it’s not quite as good as it sounds. For one thing, when I trampoline up, I go WAY up. And when I come down, it can take me a week to get back to start. So there’s that. Then, the fact remains I seem to be stuck on this particular plateau, and I’ve hit it again. If the trend continues, that means my weight will spring way up again tomorrow, so time will tell.

There’s also the fact I don’t have real confidence in the measurement I got from my scale today. It gave me pretty consistent readings, but I got some wide variance too. Readings fluctuated by as much as 1.2lbs between the highest and lowest. So I could be off by as much as a full pound.

So, if tomorrow’s weight is higher, depending on how much, I won’t react terribly. I don’t think.

I also made an interesting discovery along the way. Yesterday, my wife inadvertently left the walnuts out of my lunch. I missed their texture and the fat is hard to replace, but it left me a lot more room for protein in my evening meal. And the carb count I see as a result is lower by a full 8g or more. So today, I deliberately left them out to see if another day of nice loss comes on its heels. If it does, I think I may have a problem with nuts. That’s a shame if it’s true, because I love them. But I’ve already seen the disastrous results I can get without much effort if I don’t rein in my love for things like cashews and salted snacks in general. So this wouldn’t be a surprise, should it bear out.

At any rate, 227.0lbs today, and hoping to break through the plateau tomorrow. Temptation abounds with hot dogs at work today, to celebrate baseball season. I’ll have to pass on them.

Even ketogenic foods are a hazard to me, it seems.

Meanwhile, my wife is trying a different kind of experiment with her diet, and I can’t wait to find out what her results are. I wait on bated breath, because it would mean higher caloric intake and in general MORE FOOD! W00t!


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