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Yo Yo Dieting

I shouldn’t gain weight on a ketogenic diet. I’ve said that so many times during my period of using this method of weight loss, it’s making me sick of hearing myself say it.

Why does it keep happening?

Well, I suspect my cups of decaf instant coffee are the culprit. I can’t figure out what aspect of them it might be yet, but even when I only had tea at night, I’m stalled.

My wife recently finished a book on fat fasting by Dana Carpender, who’s some sort of "I’ve done this so long I’m considered an expert" ketogenic/low-carb guru. But, as much as I mock, I see the results when my loving spouse changes her diet.

Except this time. She’s increased the amount of fat she’s consuming every day but keeping her protein about the same. What that means is, she’s getting more calories than before. A LOT more calories.

Unfortunately, when she overdoes it – and it’s easy to overdo when you’re hungry – she gains weight. So if she can restrict her calories to about 1600, she seems to lose weight. Interesting to note I can’t eat 1600 calories or I gain weight. And I don’t know how to adjust MY numbers to reignite the fat loss.

So today I hit the trampoline somehow, and I’m at 229lbs. That’s UP 1.4lbs from yesterday, and once again I’m locked in my 227-229 range, bouncing around.

I’m ready to dump this and swear.


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