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VWLT Again

Well, I’ve crossed into Virgin Weight Loss Territory (VWLT) again.

I had the worst time getting through the barrier at 227lbs, but after some accidental – serendipitous, actually – days of increased fat and lowered protein, I’ve not only broken through that barrier but I’m under 226lbs today.

Could be only a brief touchstone before moving back up, but after months of stalling at that plateau for unknown reasons, I’m happy to keep on moving down. My best day of weight loss this week came when I inadvertently took in less than 130g of fat and about 67g of protein. That produced almost a 1lb drop. I’m looking at how those numbers might correlate to rapid weight loss.

Yesterday my numbers came up a touch – more than 140g fat and about 68g protein – and I still lost, but only fractionally. So the downward trend continues.

On the other side of the coin, I have some strange, “weak” sensations in my hands, don’t seem to be able to bear as much strain on my muscles, and can’t stop getting foot and leg cramps no matter how much water I drink. I wonder if it’s due to the lower protein, and that scares me. I guess I’m going to have to break down and go see a doctor to have a blood protein test done to check for protein deficiency.

I wish I knew more, but there’s no brain fog, and I feel all right except for those factors and a few others.

Today I’m 225.8lbs, and looking forward to going lower.


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