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Blew It!

I’m having a hard enough time losing weight, I really don’t need to complicate things by cheating every five months or so.

Mother’s Day. We had to take our daughter to the ER for something, and we were so stressed and worried about her, we just didn’t feel like prepping and cooking dinner. We didn’t feel much like doing anything except destressing. So, we made a fast food run, and now, I’m paying the consequences. I gained three pounds in a single meal…which I still don’t understand. I didn’t eat three pounds of food, and some of what I did eat is going to pass as waste. Only a tiny fraction will be used as actual food, and the rest is, not to put too fine a point on it, poo-poo. So…wth?

Oh well, I can ask all I want, the fact is, it’s not relevant. I cheated. I may have set myself back as much as two weeks, I don’t know. But the three pound gain is hard to take. Maybe some of it is water, and I’ll pass it. I’ll find out I guess.

Anyway, back up to 227.8lbs after getting all the way down to 225. *Sigh* I don’t know why I do this to myself. I’ll never get to goal if I don’t stop it. And I was just moving again!



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