I moved to IL in March of 1991. At that time I weighed 143lbs, had a 29-inch waist, and about 11% body fat.

By October of 1993, I weighed a whopping 186lbs and had a waist much closer to 35 inches.

I realize I’d aged five years in the interim. I realize I’d become much more sedentary in those five years. I got married in that time. I stopped working out. I stopped going to karate classes. I still smoked, just like I’d done since 1985. Not much had changed except I got older and lazier. And as a consequence, it became harder for me to do things I used to do to maintain my weight. Gain a couple pounds? No problem! Just eat nothing but salads for a few days and BAM! The weight comes off.

But that didn’t work so much anymore. And long, cold winters meant staying indoors became preferable to finding a good gym. Also, no longer living under the provision of my parents made my paltry income less disposable. By the time my first marriage was two years old, I knew if I didn’t so something to control my weight, I’d end up like my father, mother and brother. A few uncles and cousins, too. I didn’t want that to happen to me.

One night, I sat up late watching informercials. A favorite pass-time of mine then. I saw one for a new diet — one in which you don’t need to buy special foods, pre-packaged meals, measure portions, count calories, or do any exercise. It was a metabolic adjustment therapy for obesity, dependent solely on what you eat. And all the “allowed” foods were from your everyday, ordinary grocery stores.

They did offer special vitamins, but the informercial was really for the book(s) and stuff. The man who invented it had a heart clinic in New York City, where he successfully treated more than 30,000 patients for Type II Diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure problems, and more. All without using any drugs — just diet and supplementation. I had to know more.

That man was Dr. Robert Atkins. I’ve never been the same.

I’ve abused Dr. Atkins’s genius over the years. I ignored his instructions and did his diet “my way”, with great cavalier. But now, almost 20 years later, I’ve gained more weight still. There are a lot of reasons for that — many of them beyond my control — but the fact is, I’m now ready to treat my nutrition and health in an aggressive, serious manner. I can also afford to do that for the first time in many years.

And so, while this journal may go without entries for extended periods of time, I will try to maintain a sort of log of my journey from obesity to normalcy. I don’t know how long it will take or what the path will look like. But I can assure any and all who follow it will be with diligence and God’s grace I do this and with all hope of being able to return not just to my weight from my youth, but to an even lower body fat percentage.

Join me if you’d like. I’d love to have you.


One thought on “About

  1. Sue Cheng says:

    Hi there!

    My name is Sue, and found your blog today thru WordPress – it captured my interest! I’m from SlimKicker (a healthy living/fitness app), and was wondering if we can do a giveaway for your blog readers?

    Our site basically turns people’s health/fitness goals into a level up game with challenges such as quitting soda for a week. We’re looking for new challenge ideas, so was thinking of holding a contest where your readers leave a comment on a health challenge idea, and we’ll pick our favorite challenge idea, use it on our site, and give the winner either a free digital health scale, slow cooker, or digital heart monitor.

    Let me know if you’re interested by email: sue (at) slimkicker.com

    PS. You can choose not to publish this comment since it’s not really a comment, I just couldn’t find your email address =)


    Hi, Sue, and thanks for contacting me. I’m going to have to pass on your offer; this blog serves as a personal journal, but I welcome new friends and fellow weight-loss sojourners. But I’m not comfortable with a contest situation. Once again, thank you, and best of luck with all your endeavors.

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