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Blew It!

I’m having a hard enough time losing weight, I really don’t need to complicate things by cheating every five months or so.

Mother’s Day. We had to take our daughter to the ER for something, and we were so stressed and worried about her, we just didn’t feel like prepping and cooking dinner. We didn’t feel much like doing anything except destressing. So, we made a fast food run, and now, I’m paying the consequences. I gained three pounds in a single meal…which I still don’t understand. I didn’t eat three pounds of food, and some of what I did eat is going to pass as waste. Only a tiny fraction will be used as actual food, and the rest is, not to put too fine a point on it, poo-poo. So…wth?

Oh well, I can ask all I want, the fact is, it’s not relevant. I cheated. I may have set myself back as much as two weeks, I don’t know. But the three pound gain is hard to take. Maybe some of it is water, and I’ll pass it. I’ll find out I guess.

Anyway, back up to 227.8lbs after getting all the way down to 225. *Sigh* I don’t know why I do this to myself. I’ll never get to goal if I don’t stop it. And I was just moving again!


diet, weight loss

VWLT Again

Well, I’ve crossed into Virgin Weight Loss Territory (VWLT) again.

I had the worst time getting through the barrier at 227lbs, but after some accidental – serendipitous, actually – days of increased fat and lowered protein, I’ve not only broken through that barrier but I’m under 226lbs today.

Could be only a brief touchstone before moving back up, but after months of stalling at that plateau for unknown reasons, I’m happy to keep on moving down. My best day of weight loss this week came when I inadvertently took in less than 130g of fat and about 67g of protein. That produced almost a 1lb drop. I’m looking at how those numbers might correlate to rapid weight loss.

Yesterday my numbers came up a touch – more than 140g fat and about 68g protein – and I still lost, but only fractionally. So the downward trend continues.

On the other side of the coin, I have some strange, “weak” sensations in my hands, don’t seem to be able to bear as much strain on my muscles, and can’t stop getting foot and leg cramps no matter how much water I drink. I wonder if it’s due to the lower protein, and that scares me. I guess I’m going to have to break down and go see a doctor to have a blood protein test done to check for protein deficiency.

I wish I knew more, but there’s no brain fog, and I feel all right except for those factors and a few others.

Today I’m 225.8lbs, and looking forward to going lower.

diet, weight loss

Yo Yo Dieting

I shouldn’t gain weight on a ketogenic diet. I’ve said that so many times during my period of using this method of weight loss, it’s making me sick of hearing myself say it.

Why does it keep happening?

Well, I suspect my cups of decaf instant coffee are the culprit. I can’t figure out what aspect of them it might be yet, but even when I only had tea at night, I’m stalled.

My wife recently finished a book on fat fasting by Dana Carpender, who’s some sort of "I’ve done this so long I’m considered an expert" ketogenic/low-carb guru. But, as much as I mock, I see the results when my loving spouse changes her diet.

Except this time. She’s increased the amount of fat she’s consuming every day but keeping her protein about the same. What that means is, she’s getting more calories than before. A LOT more calories.

Unfortunately, when she overdoes it – and it’s easy to overdo when you’re hungry – she gains weight. So if she can restrict her calories to about 1600, she seems to lose weight. Interesting to note I can’t eat 1600 calories or I gain weight. And I don’t know how to adjust MY numbers to reignite the fat loss.

So today I hit the trampoline somehow, and I’m at 229lbs. That’s UP 1.4lbs from yesterday, and once again I’m locked in my 227-229 range, bouncing around.

I’m ready to dump this and swear.

diet, weight loss


Well! Look at that! I’ve been moving down for more than one day, and over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been moving more steadily down than up.

While that seems positive, it’s not quite as good as it sounds. For one thing, when I trampoline up, I go WAY up. And when I come down, it can take me a week to get back to start. So there’s that. Then, the fact remains I seem to be stuck on this particular plateau, and I’ve hit it again. If the trend continues, that means my weight will spring way up again tomorrow, so time will tell.

There’s also the fact I don’t have real confidence in the measurement I got from my scale today. It gave me pretty consistent readings, but I got some wide variance too. Readings fluctuated by as much as 1.2lbs between the highest and lowest. So I could be off by as much as a full pound.

So, if tomorrow’s weight is higher, depending on how much, I won’t react terribly. I don’t think.

I also made an interesting discovery along the way. Yesterday, my wife inadvertently left the walnuts out of my lunch. I missed their texture and the fat is hard to replace, but it left me a lot more room for protein in my evening meal. And the carb count I see as a result is lower by a full 8g or more. So today, I deliberately left them out to see if another day of nice loss comes on its heels. If it does, I think I may have a problem with nuts. That’s a shame if it’s true, because I love them. But I’ve already seen the disastrous results I can get without much effort if I don’t rein in my love for things like cashews and salted snacks in general. So this wouldn’t be a surprise, should it bear out.

At any rate, 227.0lbs today, and hoping to break through the plateau tomorrow. Temptation abounds with hot dogs at work today, to celebrate baseball season. I’ll have to pass on them.

Even ketogenic foods are a hazard to me, it seems.

Meanwhile, my wife is trying a different kind of experiment with her diet, and I can’t wait to find out what her results are. I wait on bated breath, because it would mean higher caloric intake and in general MORE FOOD! W00t!


Uncontrollable Bounces

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to be on a ketogenic diet – the benefits of which are supposed to be higher satiety at mealtime and longer-lasting satiety overall – and not be able to lose weight.

Matter of fact, I gained a bunch yesterday. 2..2lbs, from 227.6lbs to 229.8lbs. In a single day. How?

Well, I got down to 227.6 by eating only one meal. I meant to go back and eat my lunch as an after-dinner snack, but never did. I wasn’t very hungry when I did eat, either. By the time I got to dinner, though, I was hungry. I actually could have skipped lunch again, or gone with something lighter.

But no. I ate. And then I went overboard with protein at dinner. So, one day I dropped a couple of pounds, but the following day, right back up. Saturday I only consumed 849 calories. Sunday I weighed in at 227.6. That was down a couple of pounds from Saturday. But Sunday I ate a whopping 1629 calories, and THAT padded my weight to 229.8. I appear to be missing my weight from 4/6 for some reason, but I know I was in the 228.8 or 228.6 range. So the 227.6lbs was a noticeable drop.

So I don’t know what my weight will look like tomorrow, but I suppose I’ll be in the 228-229 range. And whenever I approach the 227-barrier, I’ll bounce off it again, I’m sure. If not through accidental self-sabotage, then through the trampoline effect the number seems to have. I can’t figure out how to get through it, and it not only stalls me, but propels me back toward 230lbs whenever I hit it.

It’s sort of interesting, but alarming. I don’t know whether to do a fat-fast to break through it or just stay the course. Should I adjust my numbers? If so, how? which direction? *Sigh* NO answers, anywhere.

Today I’m 229.8lbs. I pray tomorrow I won’t cross back over 230.

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So, my weight is all over the place lately. For a lot of March, I gained a couple of pounds, back over 230lbs. This is chronicled (complained about) in earlier posts.

Then, for the last part of March, I seemed to understand (figure out) what had to happen, and so by cutting cream back (a lot) in my nightly coffee, I dropped some of that weight.

But now, I’ve put some weight back on. I’ve climbed back up to about 229 or so, and I can’t figure out why every time my weight hits 227, I bounce back up. That magic number seems to be the trampoline surface and every time I hit it, I’m slung back up.

It’s become very frustrating, and I have to say, I don’t have any clue why it’s happening. I haven’t really done anything to drive the weight up, but I did notice for a couple of days my blood sugar was in the 100 range, which is high for me. I generally sit in the upper 80s or low 90s range. And of course,there came a corresponding outbreak of acne, which still hasn’t cleared completely.

So, I’m now wondering if there’s a problem with something specific I’m eating, rather than a macronutrient balance. I guess time will show.

Anyway, back to 229.0lbs today. Hoping to fall under 228 tomorrow.

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Down Some More

I’ve dropped another half pound or so. That’s seven straight days of lower weight, despite having a BG level of 100 this morning. I’m not sure why that would be, but it’s okay, because the weight continues downward.

The downside is, my face has broken out. I look like a sausage pizza. And not a delicious one either. One of those crappy frozen jobbies from Walmart. Ugh.

Still, I’m at 227.8 today and still falling. I’ve never been lower than 227 even, so I’m poised to make history if I can continue to move this direction. Lower protein numbers yesterday helped, I’m sure, so we’ll see what happens with tonight’s dinner.

227.8 today.