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Weight Control?

Seems like maybe I got my weight gain problem addressed.

It had to do with the amount of cream I added to my coffee. I still don’t know – and have NO intention of finding out! – whether the issue is the result of too much fat or too many lactose-type substances in the cream.

The fact is, I can still enjoy a cup of “camp coffee” at night if I simply amp down on the cream. If I use a reasonable amount instead of mixing it as one-third the concoction, my weight tumbles.

I’m back under 23olbs now, and because I’ve had NO cashews since earlier this month, I’ve seen some pretty dramatic fall-off in my weight, with only one major spike in the middle somewhere.

So, the weight has come off, sometimes quite rapidly. I’ll be monitoring my intake of things more carefully and make sure I don’t abuse something good just because it has ketogenic properties. Everything, in too great a quantity, is detrimental.

Okay, onward again. Today I’m at 228.4lbs.

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February/March, 2013

This past month – the last four weeks or more – have been disastrous for me from a weight loss perspective.

I’ve gained weight more times than I’ve lost, and broke back over the 230lb mark again. I peaked around 232, and sometimes I still see that number flashing through the scale, so I’m not convinced – even though subsequent weight measurements show lower numbers – I’m distanced from it yet.

Part of the problem stemmed from the amount of cashews I ate during the initial couple of weeks. When I finally broke that addiction – a handful here, another handful there – I still gained and couldn’t figure out why. Turns out, dairy was a culprit.

I’ve been drinking what I call “camp coffee” at night instead of tea. When I want something warm to drink, I make a cup of instant coffee (which is what you take camping, hence the term “camp coffee”) and put in a big dose of cream. BIG dose. And that excess cream was causing me to either be stalled or to gain.

So with a confluence of catastrophes – the camp coffee and the cashews, which were supposed to be for my daughter – I’ve put on something like five pounds in the last month.

I don’t know whether I have a handle on the problem or not. I can tell you I passed on my St. Patrick’s Day cheat because of the amount of weight I’ve gained over the past several weeks, and if I don’t see significant recovery from here, I’m going to have to give up on the idea of ever taking a “day off” from ketogenic dieting.

Nothing like running to stand still…or go backwards. All of my commitment, hard work, and strength of will amount to exactly nothing because I don’t have the first clue what my body is doing anymore. I thought I’d be LESS insulin resistant by now.

Guess not.

I’ll check in when I have something to say. Everything’s stagnant right now. Weight today was 231.0lbs.

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Seriously, WTF?

I don’t know what’s going on. I got all the way down to 227lbs a few weeks ago, and not only have I not lost an ounce since, I’ve been gaining weight over the last several days.

I don’t what the problem is, but until I can figure it out I don’t really have much I can say here. So I’ll be ducking out of sight for a little while as I experiment with my numbers, ratios and other crap to find out what’s going on. If I ever find out, I’ll be back to report my findings so others won’t suffer the same hell I do.

This is supposed to be easy. Why isn’t it?

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You gotta be kidding me.

I’ve gain more than 2.5lbs this weekend, doing absolutely nothing different than I’ve done since August of 2012.

I discovered my weight loss slowed a few months ago, but it was steady. I was sort of okay with that, because a little loss is better than none and much better than a gain. But now I have no idea what’s going on. My blood sugar was a whopping 105 yesterday and there’s no explanation for that either, except "hidden carbs," which might have crept in.

I didn’t have as much of that yesterday though, so now I’m wondering if all the pills on Friday to fight a looming migraine back had a bigger impact than I imagined. It took several poundings and finally falling asleep early on Friday night to force the headache away. I can’t remember how many I took. But I don’t have any precedence on why the gain has continued so long afterward. Normally, there’s a one day delay between things hitting my system and weight hitting the scale. Lately there appears to be a longer lag, and if this is any indication, I have to stop marking my tracking chart the way I’ve been to now. It’s funny because I thought I knew what was happening, but perhaps I’ve been mistaken.

Anyway, climbed to 229lbs from 227lbs on Sunday; hiked to 229.6lbs today. And I’m angry about it.


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A Rollercoaster Week

It’s been a week of ups and downs since I last updated this blog. My weight was in the 227lb range then, and it is again today. For now.

Between now and then, though, I’ve been up and down the scale as high as 229.8lbs, and back again as of today. I don’t know how to make the numbers move down the scale anymore, so I keep on doing what I’m doing and hope for the best. I guess plateaus are part of every weight loss journey. I’m not interested in stressing out about it.

So, today, my blood sugar’s a little higher than I’d like and my weight’s a little lower than I thought. I guess tomorrow will have enough troubles of its own. I’ll just wait for them instead of trying to hurry them along.

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Virgin Territory!

Well, at long last I seem to have broken through the plateau where I sat for a couple of weeks. I’ve been jiggling around in the 228-229lbs range for a while, not able to find out what combination would continue the weight loss, but today, despite my blood sugar numbers being a touch higher, I dropped almost two pounds!

So I woke up at 227.6lbs today, which is down from the 229.4lbs of yesterday (even though I recorded 229.6 for some reason). Now, the mystery of why is still in play. I looked at the numbers and there’s nothing to indicate why the drop. They’ve been consistently in the same range for some time. One day I did clip up over 83g/day of protein, but my fat and carb counts have held steady. So…whuhappuned?

Dunno, but I’ll take it!

I slipped on a pair of pants this week I’ve not worn for … what? three years? more?… and found they didn’t pinch. A bit snug still around the waist, but I could wear them in a pinch. They didn’t ride up or look unseemly around the … well, other areas pants cover. So I guess I could wear them if I wanted/needed to. They just bind under the belly a little more than I’d like. It would probably get a bit painful by day’s end.

Still, we’re drawing close to being able to wear pants which haven’t seen the light of day in a long time. And that will open up a new wardrobe for me. Interestingly, my shirt collection will need to expand too, but doesn’t seem to be doing so at the same rate as my pants and belts. I need a couple of new ones there too. I’ve dropped a couple of sizes in the last six months. Things seem to be more obviously happening now. People at work are commenting on how much thinner I am, my face is showing the loss, things like that. Very nice to hear.

I’ve lost more than fifty pounds now, officially, since I first stepped on the scale in the doctor’s office last February and saw the horrific number: 278lbs.

Progress? Yes! Fast enough? Never!

Glad for the progress just the same, though. 227.6lbs today. I hope tomorrow will be lower still.

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Well, look at THAT! I dropped almost a POUND after eating like I did yesterday!

That’s not to say the overages in protein and fat won’t come back to haunt me yet. Generally, my body responds in 24 hours to such things, but it can be longer. And if the consequences set it, I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

Today, I’m down to 228.6lbs. I’m almost a full pound lower! What does this mean?

No clue. I have NO friggin’ clue. But I’ll take it! If I can up my protein and fat and slake hunger and STILL lose? Oh yeah, I’m all OVER that!

So, happy day today. We’ll see what happens tomorrow!